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2/21/19 – GO WITH THE EXPERTS! So your about to order Custom Rattan Furniture from a BIG ONLINE Company

As more and more internet users go to their smart phones to browse for their home furnishings needs they arent seeing all of the great companies
out there who actually have experts and specialize in the furniture your interested in. We get calls all the time from people who bought from the
typical big box online company and come to us for help in resolving some issue they had during the ordering process. So what are the common problems
when ordering from a Big Box online store?

Customer placed their order with a person they provided all of the information to but then could never contact again with changes and other information.
Imagine placing an order for custom Rattan furniture and then deciding you needed to change the fabric for the cushions. You have nobody to call to do it. No phone
number, no name, nothing!
SOLUTION: Rattan Man furniture provides you with one expert specialist who is your point-of-contact for any topic at all. You have their direct line and can call them
anytime for anything!

Big Online Box stores use freight companies to deliver custom made fully assembled furniture! How do you think that turns out? It usually means catastrophic damages
as the shipper drops a pallet in the customer driveway, gets a signature, and then POOF GONE! The customer unwraps the furniture only to find dings, chips, cracks, and
total losses. So they try to submit the photos and information to the BIG BOX STORE for replacement. The BIG BOX STORE finally sends replacements a month later and
the same shipper drops a pallet in the driveway again, and the entire damage claims process begins all over again! This is insanity folks and dont do it.
SOLUTION: Rattan Man furniture uses specialty furniture delivery companies that are specially trained to handle all natural and fully assembled furniture. And they can
even carry the furniture into your home and with no damages! Save yourself the torment folks and let us deliver your furniture damage free!

Big Online Box stores have the reputation of being less expensive than the lesser known smaller companies. But how many times do customers call our experts only to
find out they could have gotten very personal service with an expert and paid even less for the same product!
SOLUTION: Call RATTAN MAN furniture for the best price guaranteed! And get the great communications and damage free delivery you deserve!

Thanks folks! ~Rattan Man 


2/13/19 – I wanted to share how amazing Rattan furniture is MADE IN THE USA at the Kentucky factory. Im sharing a video with you today that is both fun to watch and very educational. There is no better furniture in the world today than American hand made Rattan and Wicker furniture. Customize your stains, your fabrics, and your method of shipping.
~Rattan Man 

2/8/19 – Some companies stand out from their competition in the areas of sales and support and we definitely fit that description. Our mother company is American Rattan and has been since 2008. This website focuses on providing quotes and custom furniture building while our much newer website at rattanman.com is more of a tradition retail website. But, both websites are maintained by the same great people! And you dont have to take my word for it just read the reviews at the BBB Website here. We want our customers to experience good, dedicated, furniture experts who help you each step of the way in finding the right styles, fabrics, and stains, to the delivery of your furniture. Please review our results and buy with confidence!

~Rattan Man 

2/7/19 – Today Im introducing our new “RATTAN MAN’S WORLD OF FURNITURE” blog where we will provide updates on the progress of this new tropical Rattan and Wicker furniture venture. Our new rattanman.com furniture website has been live for 2-3 months now and we now have nearly 3000 items available! There is still much work to be done and many more products to add but we have made a lot of progress in a short period of time. We are adding more and more cane furniture collections made right here in the USA and you can check those products here. I have also added the video below which shows the American ingenuity and craftsmanship in building and molding the raw rattan cane into amazing furniture.



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